Sunday, July 27, 2008

Godless Page 5 Color

So here are the final colors for page 5 of Godless. I'm pretty happy with it, I opened it up the other day and thought I had more work to do but decided that it was done. The file was so large (over a gig) that I had to do the last panel on it's own so that my laptop could handle it! I've been working on keeping layers to a minimum but that big panel was a beast. I will also have some more inked pages up soon and colors for page 6 should be done this week as well.

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Doctor Zeitgeist said...

Hello Dan.

I'm that fellow from Purgatory.

Lane. I think I passed my card along to you.

In any event, I finally found the piece of paper you wrote the sites on, and I'd have to say, the quality of your work is commendable.

I've got my own blogspot, such as it is. If you're interested in a near-future collaboration, drop me a line.