Monday, February 25, 2008

Color Stuffs

This is Mick, the main character from the boxing comic I'm writing/ hoping to draw one day. You can see the prequel pages at my Website. I'm actually pretty happy with this, although the background sucks but that's because it was just a figure sketch. I'm starting to get a process for digital color although it still takes lots of messing around to get anything good. This must be like 30 layers.

This was a quick (~1 hour) test I did at the "The Grind" coffee shop (my second home/studio) the other day. I like the luminous quality although it does look pretty digital. I drew a really quick arm sketch on the tablet with a strong contour line then laid in flats and rendering underneath. So far my process has been to 1- lay in flats 2- glazing on shadows, starting light and adding new layers of darker shadows on top. I also made it a point to merge layers often to keep my file sizes down (and to prevent 5 minute file saves). 3- I do the same as 2 but with highlights. 4 - Finally I copy the layers I have and try different layer styles and various dirty little photoshop tricks I've picked up over the years until I have something I like. I actually had a boxing glove begun on the hand when my laptop's battery died.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Panels update

I inked the boxer and some of the ruffians in the bottom left panel (the front guy's body is too small, I'll fix that in Photoshop, however, I am happy with the improvements to the face). I also did some more work inking Stever, not my favorite of him but good practice nonetheless.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Welcome! These are my drawings, I hope you like some of them. If you have any questions or comments send me a message or an e-mail.

I've been dividing my sketchbook pages into smaller panels, I just randomly draw the panels with a sharpie then work on trying to make good composition for the shape. This makes me less worried about individual drawings and I feel more free to experiment and bounce around rather than focusing on one drawing lie I used to do. This page is filled with conceptual sketched for a story called Stranger Things that I'm working on with my friend Nick Gregorio (check his hilarious videos over at . It's a supernatural story set in both Philadelphia and Kansas, stay tuned for more details and art.

This page has a mix of Godless sketches (my main project right now a Western/Horror comic) and some ninja sketches for a story brewing in the back of my head. I threw in a random landscape and you can see some brush pen marks as well.

Quick color (Photoshop CS3 and an Intuos3 Tablet)over two of the panels from the above page. Ideally, I would like to color all of the panels and just have tons of little color drawings and experiments to help my digital coloring.

More ninja sketches, with a cowboy thrown in and a disembodied arm as well. I used brush pens and microns to ink the arm and Copic 30% and 50% gray markers for the tone.

These are character designs for Godless. The toned sketch is Jessup the badass outlaw and his brother. There's a vampire thrown in and an early samurai guy hiding in pencil there too.

So I got on this vampire kick this last week and am thinking of doing some Blade story pitch (MAX of course. I haven't read it recently but would definitely be fun to do. I'll throw some ink on these soon.

Sketches for Blade and baddies with some scribbled story ideas.

These are Raven drawings I used since I will be drawing them a lot in Godless, based mostly on photo reference.

Godless characters and monsters along with some boxing stuff and a tree. You can see I've partially inked Stever (the pastor of the church in Godless). I'll upload the finished inks soon.

These are what kicked off the vampire kick. Not all "panelized", I think keeping some open space will be good on some pages to do larger, more detailed work.