Monday, February 25, 2008

Color Stuffs

This is Mick, the main character from the boxing comic I'm writing/ hoping to draw one day. You can see the prequel pages at my Website. I'm actually pretty happy with this, although the background sucks but that's because it was just a figure sketch. I'm starting to get a process for digital color although it still takes lots of messing around to get anything good. This must be like 30 layers.

This was a quick (~1 hour) test I did at the "The Grind" coffee shop (my second home/studio) the other day. I like the luminous quality although it does look pretty digital. I drew a really quick arm sketch on the tablet with a strong contour line then laid in flats and rendering underneath. So far my process has been to 1- lay in flats 2- glazing on shadows, starting light and adding new layers of darker shadows on top. I also made it a point to merge layers often to keep my file sizes down (and to prevent 5 minute file saves). 3- I do the same as 2 but with highlights. 4 - Finally I copy the layers I have and try different layer styles and various dirty little photoshop tricks I've picked up over the years until I have something I like. I actually had a boxing glove begun on the hand when my laptop's battery died.

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