Tuesday, April 8, 2008

3 Techniques

I forgot to put up some of these sketches and color experiments that I finished recently. I'm also including a digital layout I did for a story called "Moriarty" that I am working on with the local writer MG Farrelly. I enjoyed doing the drawing completely in Photoshop and it was great for resizing panels and might be a nice change from the traditional pencil and ink Godless.

This is the layout, the story is there are two cops chatting near a police station located at Belmont and Western (only a mile or so from my house actually) when a Semi comes barreling down the overpass smashes though the guardrail and careens towards our doomed officers. Definitely grabs the attention.

This is an experiment with a small pencil sketch (maybe 2.5" square) I spent a half an hour or using a dark 4B lead and smudge stick and then use my Tufff Stuff eraser (my most used tool by far) to erase out highlights and details. I really like working in this method and actually did a 4 page WW2 story in school using the technique. I prefer it for highly detailed illustrative work though as it takes forever and is extremely messy. Anyways, I slapped some flat colors on it in photoshop and 10 layers later came up with this. Oh yeah, it's kinda supposed to be Frank Castle( aka the Punisher).
This is yet another technique I've begun to use recently involving tech& brush pens, as well as Copic grey markers (30% and 50%). This is probably the best example of the technique so far. The color version is a few hours in Photoshop, tried to mainly use the values I already had and only added a strong rim-light and background.

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